Primus serves three distinct industry groups.  Large multinational companies, federal and state governments and the small to medium sized enterprises.  Primus has invested a lot of capital in being able to service the unique needs and ambitions of organizations within each of these separate entities.

Global 2000 Companies

Primus works with some of the leading companies of the world to develop and execute global strategies, manage complex change initiatives and integrate solutions to meet changing business challenges.


Primus has devoted enormous resources to its government practice to participate in the transformation of government organizations into more efficient, customer centric and effective organs of government.  Primusís migration tool, for example, is a unique tool set that allows the complexities of government processes to be upgraded to the latest technology platforms.

Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SME)

Small enterprises can benefit greatly from new technologies that drive higher value and result in a healthier bottom line.  Primus knows that small enterprises do not always have a lot of resources to invest in latest technologies and cannot withstand a lot of distractions to core business functions.  Primus has developed its practice geared to the small business with this in mind.  Primus endeavors to help small businesses incorporate the latest technologies without disruptions or unmanageable post implementation costs.

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