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In a customer driven economy, it is essential to utilize the best tools available for Customer Relationship Management. Primus understands that today's customers are increasingly demanding and expect convenience and customized service. Each organization knows and understands its customers best. Primus brings the latest technology that allows organizations to deliver customer service in a more efficient, affordable and effective manner.

There are four distinct areas of Customer Relationship Management as Primus sees it:

  • Customer Interaction
  • Marketing and Customer Strategy
  • Customer Insight
  • Customer Billing

Each of these areas offers unique challenges and possibilities. Primus offers comprehensive solution based on our clients experience and our expertise in these areas. In order to be successful an organization must:

  • Continually gain information about prospects and customers
  • Leverage that information to develop customized campaigns, products and services
  • Support the marketing, sales and delivery processes with integrated services
And in order to best serve a customer an organization should:
  • Provide value to the customer at each point of interaction with the organization or the services that an organization provides
  • Achieve operational excellence in customer management processes
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